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How nice that you are interested in playing korfball at GKV. GKV is one of the oldest korfball clubs in the Netherlands, we have been around since 1921. GKV (Gymnasiasten Korfbal Vereniging) was founded from the Gymnasium Haganum school and has been established for many years in the forested area of ​​Bezuidenhoutseweg in The Hague.

Becoming a member of GKV is more than just sports; you become a member of an ASSOCIATION. That means that we work together. When you become a member of GKV The Hague you meet people and make FRIENDSHIPS FOR LIFE.

Have you become curious about whether korfballing at GKV is something for you? Then please enjoy 3x FREE test trainings.

All information about membership at GKV The Hague can be found in the INFORMATION GUIDE which you can download below. Read this information guide carefully before you register. You can register at GKV at any time of the year. The contribution year runs from July 1 to June 31. We hope, of course, that you enjoy GKV and that you remain a member for as long as possible. Do you still want to deregister? Then you must do this before May 1. If you play matches (playing member) then we also expect you to finish at least the contribution year if you want to deregister, because otherwise we do not have a complete team.


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